Predictive Maintenance and Refurbishment of a large Woodworking Production Line


This high-end wooden kitchen production line covers 1800 m2 and is comprised of machines from several interconnected vendors. The machines work over one shift of 8.4 hours and their expected lifetime is 15 years.

To meet increasingly complex customer requests without replacing the existing machinery, Podium needs its old machines to be more flexible, reconfigurable and incorporate personalised tasks.

Podium Swiss

Expected technical improvements:

Extended connectivity and interaction capabilities of the machinery

over a single standard platform

Optimised machinery use

thanks to advanced maintenance strategies and tools

Refurbished system with additional sensors layer

Which is capable to :
1) Monitor product quality and identify the cause of deviations ;
2) Predict failures and breakdown by merging several sensors data and parameters

Expected Outcomes

Improved operational effectiveness

Increased equipment effectiveness in the refurbished machines

Extended machine lifetime

Lower repair costs

Reduced waste material


Safety and environment:

0 %
Incident Reduction


Maintenance Cost Effectiveness:

0 %
Reparation costs reduction


Operational effectiveness:

0 %