Maintenance, Refurbishment and Upgrading of a Bleaching Machine


Zorluteks is an integrated producer of cotton home textiles such as curtains, roller blinds, bed linens, bed covers and table clothes. The machines are used to bleach raw cotton fabrics from different suppliers with a wide range of whiteness. Current bleaching process does not account for the varying degree of whiteness, which causes inefficiency in terms of chemicals, water, energy and machine wear.

The aim is to develop a dynamic Decision Support Framework for bleaching machine to produce cotton fabrics with targeted whiteness indices.


Expected technical improvements:

Soft sensing

for online and non-invasive quality and maintenance measurement

Identification of the best process settings and product mix

to meet or increase productivity rates

Monitoring and control tool

for a safe and stable operation

Improved the resource efficiency

Human-machine interface visualisation and in-situ repair

including remote access and remote services

Core Process Unit Descriptive analysis tool

to raise the resource use awareness and provide easy-to-understand indicators and machine operator behavior change

Expected Outcomes

Improved resource efficiency

Optimised machine use

Improved operational effectiveness

Reduced machine failures

Reduced environmental impact


Safety and environment:

0 %
Incident Reduction


Maintenance Cost Effectiveness:

0 %
Reparation Reduction


Material and resource efficiency

0 %
Wasted materials reduction