after 4 Years significant successes

After 4 years, the RECLAIM team concludes the ambitious project with big and small successes. All 5 demo sites have installed smart digital RECLAIM solutions in their production and are gaining valuable data to rejuvenate their production machines. 

Videos and Magazine

You can find out all about the solutions we have developed and the results of our work in our latest videos and in the magazine. Discover more about applications in real industrial environments in our exciting short documentaries. In the magazine you will get a comprehensive overview of all results, findings of the solutions and their applications in our 5 demo sites, as well as comprehensive articles that objectively illuminate the opportunities and risks of refurbishment and predictive maintenance. Enjoy watching and reading.

Friction Welding

Shoe Making

Wood Manufacturing

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In this magazine, you will learn everything about the current research and solutions on refurbishment and predictive maintenance of older industrial machines. The research and developments are mainly based on the measures of the Horizon 2020 European project RECLAIM.

Publiucations and More

Over the past four years, the RECLAIM consortium has not only developed software and researched solutions to equip the industry for sustainable change. All developments and research results have also been disseminated in over 40 academic and journalistic publications and made available to interested parties. Discover all publications on the ZENODO research platform and simply download them.

The CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 18038 “Methodology for managing maintenance strategy and remanufacturing projects of large industrial equipment”, developed as part of the RECLAIM research project, presents a precise methodology for managing the maintenance strategy and remanufacturing processes of large industrial plants. A significant contribution to sustainability and efficiency in industry!  Download the entire document as a PDF now.

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