Maintenance and Upgrade of Machines in the Shoemaking Industry


Test RECLAIM technology on a complete shoe manufacturing unit at Fluchos, a Spanish footwear company. The manufacturing unit includes five major shop floors: cutting, stock fitting, conforming, set up and finishing department. Automation levels are currently low.

20 machines from the cutting section, 10 machines from stock fitting section, 10 machines from the conforming section, and 2 machines from finishing section will be tested.

This pilot scenario will implement integrated prognostics and health assessment, predictive maintenance and refurbishment or re-manufacturing methodologies.


Expected technical improvements:

Maintenance and production process optimisation

Production or service scheduling

Data driven diagnosis and prognosis

Refurbishment or re-manufacturing of predefined electromechanical machinery

Expected Outcomes

Reduced production costs

Lower reparation fee

Increased operational effectiveness

Extended machinery lifetime


Safety and environment:

0 %
Incident Reduction


Maintenance Cost Effectiveness:

0 %
Cost Reduction


Expected Useful Lifetime:

+ 0
Years of lifetime extension