RECLAIM standardisation toolkit is the first State of the Art analysis of existing international standards for remanufacturing and refurbishment with a cross sectoral, cross technology and holistic approach.

This toolkit is based on RECLAIM consolidated view and will be updated on annual basis, in accordance with the evolution of the project and the standardisation landscape.

The toolkit consists of

  • An online tool, where you can select standards, choosing among CEN/CENELEC and ISO/IEC Technical Committee
  • A publication with a detailed analysis on the state of the art and RECLAIM consolidated view.

It is possible to buy the full text of selected standards from relevant standardisation body website. A free preview is available.


Standardisation is a fundamental technology transfer tool, which bridges the gap between the research and international market.

Standards codify innovation through a shared language understood by companies, researchers, societal stakeholders and citizens worldwide, building on the principles of openness and transparency. The co-creation process of standardisation supports open innovation and cross-industry innovation.

They ensure comparability, compatibility, and interoperability, standards support you by building trust with your customers and suppliers, they promote sustainability in terms of processes, product and business. Want to boost your project through standardisation? Have a look at

Standardisation can work to boost profitability for individual companies and on a macroeconomic level, standardisation directly contributes to a country’s economic growth.

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“The RECLAIM standardisation toolkit is an important knowledge tool for designers, entrepreneurs, researchers and builders for any Remanufacturing and Refurbishement project.”
Ing. Franco Santini
President CEN TC 319 “Maintenance”